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Microwave Hints

Great Ideas for Microwave Cooking


  • 100 hours cooking in the conventional oven = $75.00
  • 100 hours cooking in the microwave oven = $3.00! Plus you’ll be making a lot more food in less time means even greater savings.
  • Do not overcook – standing time is ¼ of cooking time
  • Microwaves are attracted to fat, sugar and liquid – foods high in these ingredients cook faster.
  • Center of food is the last to get done – microwaves penetrate 1½ inch from top, bottom and sides.
  • Microwaves cook by bouncing around, creating friction which cooks the food, that is why standing time is so important.
  • Cakes, cookies and candy do not need tight fitting lids.
  • Casseroles, meats and vegetables need tight fitting cover to provide a steaming effect.
  • To clean microwave: Use 1 cup water with 1 Tbsp. Vanilla or lemon juice and cook on high 5 min. or until very steamy. Wipe with damp cloth. Don’t forget the top of the interior, makes the kitchen smell good, too!
  • Basic Rule: Everything should be cooked 6 min per pound, except fish and eggs. Fish is 3 min per pounds. Eggs are 1 min. 15 sec. Per egg unless mixed with other ingredients.
  • Find Hot Spots: Dampen a paper towel and lay flat in bottom of microwave. Heat 1 min. on high. Look for dry (hot) spots on towels.
  • Brown extra ground beef in the Family Microsteamer, freeze in small Tupperware containers for fast and easy meals. 1 cup = 1 pound for chili, tacos, meat sauce, etc. Saves on kitchen clean up too.
  • Potatoes may be sliced ahead of time, refrigerated in water with milk in a Tupperware container.
  • Make a child’s cake in the soup mug.
  • Make a muffin in the micro-mug.
  • Equal amounts of applesauce may be substituted for oil in cake recipes to cut down on fat.
  • Best sources of iron: Liver, kidney, red meats, green leafy vegetables, dried fruit, dried beans & peas, black strap molasses and whole grain cereals.
  • Enhance iron absorption by eating a vegetable or fruit containing Vitamin C (tomato, orange, potato) at the same meal. Eggs or tea can interfere with Iron absorption from vegetable sources.
  • Determine Microwave Wattage: Boil 1 cup room temperature water. Boils in 3 min = 600 watts. Boils in less than 3 min. = higher than 600 watts. Takes more than 3 min. to boil = lower than 600 watts.
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